Hi There

I love my family and love do what I do. They are the reason I push myself to always bring the best of me.

Where it all began

Born in Brazil, I am a wife, mother and a photographer who love to travel and collect moments. I guess it is the secret, the final ingredient to immortalize our most precious feelings, a simple picture.

But this is who I am today. Before you make your mind, let me tell you more about my incredible journey.

All started in a country city of Sao Paulo, Bauru, where I started my career as a Web Designer, growing bigger my passion for art, design and pictures.

When that little girl was not that little anymore, the small city had to become bigger, so I shot higher, moved by myself to Sao Paulo, the economic capital, where I worked as Project Manager for big companies, opened my own business and had incredible opportunities to as a professional photographer to cover big music concerts, product catalogs and pictured uncountable personal moments.

My life in United States

In 2015 I moved to the USA and I made my mind, it is time to focus on my passion. Help you immortalize your special moment.

You will find me very easy to communicate and I have a very flexible schedule to accomodate special occasions.

I love what I do and hope you can enjoy it the same way I do.

I am still counting!


Bethania Canavesi Real Estate Photography
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